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Entrepreneur • Venture Capitalist • Rotarian •

Educator • Champion of Change

Priya Ahluwalia from Babcock Ranch
About Me

Priya Ahluwalia: An Entrepreneur, Rotarian, Business Strategist, Educator, and Champion of Change

Priya's name rings as a symbol of innovation, empowerment, and transformation. Her 14-year entrepreneurial journey intertwines various facets of her life and career, painting an inspiring picture of commitment to startups, real estate, education, community, and humanitarian causes.

Global Work Journey: At the forefront of her accomplishments stands her role as the VP of Operations for One Homes. Collaborating with global counterparts, Priya showcased exceptional strategic leadership, driving regional objectives in alignment with overarching company goals. Her adept leadership skills led to the monumental achievement of escalating annual sales in North America from $2M to a staggering $50M. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Priya's leadership in MoAloo Ventures showcases her as an emblem of innovation and creativity. Her investment in over five startups in food tech, ed-tech, electric motorcycles, and drone technology is a testament to her skill in nurturing potential ideas into successful businesses. More than just growing MoAloo Ventures, she's fostered the dreams of many young entrepreneurs.

A Teacher at Heart: Since 2009, Priya's devotion to education, especially in Entrepreneurship, Chinese, and Hindi, has defined part of her identity. Her fusion of business insights with linguistic mastery helps students gain language skills and an enriched global perspective. 

Community Leader: Upon moving to Babcock Ranch in June 2021, Priya quickly immersed herself in the community. She became a beacon of knowledge and guidance. Her organized social events, entrepreneurship classes, and mentorship sessions have become pivotal in shaping the futures of many at Babcock Ranch and SWFL.

Rotary Journey: Joining Rotary in May 2022, Priya opened a new chapter in her life. She found a way to extend her skills and passions into a broader humanitarian scope through Rotary. Her unwavering dedication resonates with her values, making her a robust advocate for positive change.

A Multifaceted Visionary: Priya Ahluwalia's life is a testimony to what can be achieved when entrepreneurship, education, and empathy converge. Her venture capital firm, global background, teaching endeavors, community involvement, and Rotary journey reflect a harmonious blend of business acumen, educational insight, and a compassionate approach to life. Her narrative echoes across various domains, portraying a life devoted to innovation, education, and a compassionate understanding of the human condition.

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