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Multifaceted Journeys: Priya Ahluwalia's Path from Beijing to Babcock Ranch

On the first episode of 2024, join host Cornell Bunting on a captivating journey in this episode of "Global Crossroads," featuring the extraordinary Priya Ahluwalia. Priya's story is a remarkable tapestry of cultural exploration, academic achievement, and professional innovation. From her roots in India to her educational pursuits in Beijing and San Francisco, Priya embodies the spirit of a global citizen. As she shares her experiences of studying Business Chinese, her transition to the United States, and her diverse roles - from an academic at the University of San Francisco to a visionary leader in international service and entrepreneurship - listeners will be inspired by her resilience and adaptability.

Make room on your dish for PlateRate, a new app for ordering food

“We will be working with a national food delivery company in the next few weeks to enable residents to order online and have food delivered from the surrounding area,” said Mrs. Ahluwalia.


New Product Innovators Wanted for Second TechXpedition

According to Ahluwalia, the aim is to discover promising ideas and nurture them into unicorns—distinctive products or services born at Babcock Ranch. The team envisions creating and incubating businesses from the ground up, anticipating growth over the next 5 to 10 years. The ultimate objective is to become a robust publicly traded powerhouse capable of inspiring similar ventures.

MoAloo Ventures ignites entrepreneurial spirit at Babcock Ranch

MoAloo Ventures founder Priya Ahluwalia, whose capital venture firm began the startup challenge TechXpedition at Babcock Ranch, has decided to bring local entrepreneurs under one umbrella. 

She said after TechXpedition, a “Shark Tank”-like challenge, which concludes the weekend of April 26-28, 2024, her mission will be just beginning. 

Priya Ahluwalia - Rotary Club of Babcock Ranch

Entrepreneur brings ‘Shark Tank’-type competition back to Babcock Ranch

The owner of venture capital firm Mo Aloo Ventures is bringing TechXpedition back to Babcock Ranch in April for the second year, and again will put up $10,000 seed money for the winning entrepreneur.

Exploring Life & Business with Priya Ahluwalia of MoAloo Ventures

Nothing is ever too easy; we all have to work hard and be consistent. There will be challenges along our journey, but I have a life principle that – nothing is impossible, not all doors are closed, we need to keep trying until we get to the door that opens to a world of opportunities.

TechXpedition aims high with innovation

The inaugural event over the April 14-16 weekend at the Babcock Ranch Field House saw business pitches from innovators aiming to create a new product in just 60 hours.

TechXpedition Babcock Ranch Startup Challenge

This April, budding entrepreneurs will compete at Babcock Ranch to see whose tech startup idea merits investment to get their product to the market.

MoAloo Ventures CEO Priya Ahluwalia was invited to judge the 2023 Edison Awards

Honored to be invited to Judge the 2023 Edison Awards. It was an incredible experience to see so many amazing innovative products, ideas, and developments selected for 2023 nominations.
Read more below about the Edison Awards.

MoAloo Ventures CEO Priya Ahluwalia introduced the concept of the TechXpedition to the business group, BIZ@Babcock Ranch

Do you have a great idea for a service app or tech product, but don’t know where to start to create it, refine it, find investors, and market it? If so, you are the perfect candidate for Babcock Ranch’s first tech startup weekend.

Taking a chance on Babcock Ranch

Venture capitalist Priya Ahluwalia could live anywhere in the world, but she and her husband Mohit Pohani, a senior manager at Deloitte Global, chose to move to Babcock Ranch six months ago. In their early 30s, these young professionals are part of an exciting demographic bringing innovation, business acumen and a friendly, can-do attitude to the area.

Community Highlights: Meet Priya Ahluwalia of MoAloo Ventures

I knew I was resourceful, but the fact that I could assemble this team and build a product without any cash made me realize just how powerful I was in aligning people toward a common goal (just as I did when I was growing up and getting my friends to make mischief in the neighborhood). 

Priya is honored to be a permanent exhibit for Hindi at the Planet Word Museum, D.C.

I am honored to see my permanent exhibit for the Hindi Planet Word Museum in The Spoken World gallery. Special thanks to Ann Friedman for helping connect the world through languages.

“I Love our Neighborhood Spirit” — Why Hell’s Kitchen is Heaven for Priya

She may have only moved to the neighborhood in 2018, but Priya Ahluwalia has taken Hell’s Kitchen to her heart. Here’s Priya’s West Side Story.

Thanks to Inspirations for Better Living and Johnny Tan for featuring my story in their magazine.

I have always heard about America being a land of the free and home of the brave. Now, I know what these words mean for me - “I am free to pursue my dream, and I am brave to nurture it into reality.”

-Priya Ahluwalia

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